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A House On A Hill
So, if you didn't already know it, Ireland is one of my most favorite vacations spots. It is just so beautiful, almost close to what Heaven must be like. I have always wanted to move there. Infact, I begged my father when I turned 18 to let me attend Trinity College in Dublin. He said no, of course. And so, I always held my little dream of moving to Ireland inside my heart.
Nothing about the country side is fancy. Infact, most people don't even have air conditioning. The beauty of it? You don't even need it. My dream is to have a little cottage tucked away in the rolling hills of Galway. With nothing but cattle and sheep to keep me company. Sure, it seems like a lonely existance, but I rather enjoy working of the land, and who know when a cute farmer guy will make his way to my sheep, and stare deep into my eyes. Ah Love!
Anywho, Thats my dream. I even want the milkman to bring me my milk in glass bottles. I want to wear beautiful dresses handmade and sing whilst I plant beans and seeds. I want this. But I also want to live in America and fulfill my dreams of becoming a child psychologist, so I really go back and forth.
Ireland makes me feel safe. Its strange, but when I am in Ireland, I'm so happy. The people are so loving, and it almost feels like home. The first time I stepped off the airplane I could feel it, a magic of some sorts, pulling me in. I love Ireland dearly, but I don't know if I could leave my family behind. My family is VERY important to me, and I really don't see myself going much farther than a few states away.
I actually want to have my wedding in Ireland. At Ashford castle. See, I have been planning this for quite some time. I will wear a Irish Lace wedding gown, and the ceremony will take place at the small catholic church nearby, while the reception taking place in the castle quaters. Im sure this wedding is going to be pretty pricey, and really, when I love someone, I dont care what kind of wedding/ring/ect. comes with it. Love it most important to me Often I wonder how my husband will feel about getting married in a Catholic church. Gee, I guess I need to find a husband first lol! Sometimes I wonder where Mr. Right is. Have I met him already, or is he waiting to be found. Funny love is. When my friends ask me what "type of guy" do I go for, my answer is simply, one with a beautiful heart and soul. My friends as "but what about being hot?". The way another human being looks just isn't important to me. When I meet you, male or female I only can see your heart and soul. I can't see things like imperfections or looks. Don't get me wrong, I love me some blue eyes, but any color will do. And I try to never judge another human being. As Jesus said, "forgive your neihbor 7 times 77 times. Thats alot of forgiving. I love people, and I refuse to give up on them. Oh Love, Where for art thou?

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If only I met someone like you earlier in life - your romantic dream is something I can feel I was supposed to be part of. I hope you find and fulfill this dream of yours.


Well.... I love your dream of going to Ireland. This too is my dream. I love the thought of living in a small village and riding my Harley to every roads end. I am dreaming of a very simple life surrounded by great friends. So, what I say is.... Make it happen. Never give up on your dreams. You can have anything in life if you just keep your focus and vision of it. That includes the love of your life. Take your time and don't forget to live life along the way to your destiny. I read some of your other post and see some upset in your world. If I may, I would like to suggest a book to read. The Four Agreements. I just started it and it has already inspired me. Give it a try. It is an easy read and I think it will be inspiring to you as well.
Live your dreams!!


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